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Motherhood In Progress - Exploring the growth, learning and progress of motherhood

Protecting Other Parents From a Potentially Unsafe Product: Sharing my Baby Brezza Safety Concern

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I’ve been lucky as both a parent and a product reviewer so far that most items I have encountered and used with my child have been extremely high quality to at least acceptable until recently. I’ve struggled with whether to write this current post. I even turned to the mom blog community for their thoughts and got a mixed bag of responses. I never want this blog to take a negative tone, nor do I want to drive away sponsors, but while what I write is often light-hearted I want to blog with integrity and serve my readers. The need to write this was driven home even further when a friend noted my repeated attempts to get a satisfactory response concerning this issue and she said “you should definitely blog about this to help and protect other parents.” Indeed!

I was gifted a baby brezza quick blender for my baby shower. Recently I toted my daughter into the kitchen with me to watch her very first “solid food” being made with the baby brezza. She’s always loved watching us make and talk about our grownup food, so now it was her turn. Exciting, right? Well, we got a lot more excitement then we expected. I had put small chunks of avocado in the blender, put on the lid and locked the unit into place. I began to blend when I noticed the entire unit was filling up with smoke. Small bits of hot, burnt black stuff came out.

This is what happened on the FIRST USE!


I went online to research what could have happened and did not like what I discovered.  What is scary is that I am not the first person to have this issue, yet the product was not recalled by the company. Nor is this the only faulty product they have sold. As I continued to research, and then later look for help with frustrating customer service I found a string of complaints that went simply beyond equipment that simply didn’t work well or things that wore over time. I found things that pointed to a MUCH greater safety issue. Considering these are products to make our children’s food I find that highly frightening!


I discovered I wasn’t the first customer to experience the smoke and burning plastic.  See “the worst blender ever” review and “poor quality”  Personally, I feel that there is no way products that spew burnt plastic and put smoke from burn plastic into our children’s food should still be on the market, yet I still find these are being sold online.

Many reviews of the Baby Brezza One Step Food Maker (another product) mentioned a flaking coating that would mix with the food in one product.  See yet another review that mentioned the flaking coating as well here. In addition to silver flakes, some reviewers mentioned black sludge that came out as well. (Let’s not even mention the countless reviews that talk about the product breaking or not blending properly either)

Many customers mention great difficulty with customer service.  Not only does the company seem not bothered by these safety issues, but many customers have had a problem even returning the faulty products and have been out anywhere from $20-$130 or more! If you don’t have a receipt showing your item was bought within the last year forget any kind of refund, replacement parts or responsibility taken by the company.  Furthermore even if you do, expect to have to give a lot of your personal information plus take a lot of time to fully document with photos and oftentimes pay for return shipping.  This  might be understandable for stores that sell this product as they would want to prove the item was bought from their store, but considering the items are clearly marked Baby Brezza and made and sold by their company, the fact that they do not take responsibility for faulty equipment is dis-heartening and concerning.  Especially considering they know how many of these are given for shower gifts, and naturally would not come with a receipt, but are clearly their products.

It’s a shame the company was not more concerned about the safety of their products.  I was not pleased to contact them to tell them about the smoke and burning plastic in mine only to be told there was nothing they could do.

What can a consumer do then?

#1 Be educated about faulty products. Unfortunately since I was gifted this item I didn’t have the option.  Though had I done my research I certainly wouldn’t have bought other products by this company.

#2 Report unsafe products (especially products used for children!) to

#3 Utilize social media to spread the truth. I encourage other parents who have had issues with products to be sure to leave reviews about them to help others.  In the same vein, don’t forget to leave positive reviews for those products which are truly worthy of consumer spending and beneficial to our children. For bloggers, I encourage you to be honest in your reviews.  If you are conflicted do not accept sponsorship from products you cannot endorse. Consider signing the Blog with Integrity Pledge.

#4 Be aware of all recalls

#5 Question companies about their product, process and materials.  If you do not get satisfactory answers  do NOT use the products.  Find an alternative! Never jeopardize the health of your child by not knowing the materials they are coming into contact with.

#6 Look for products that meet the demands of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CSPIA), have been tested for compliance and have a Children’s Product Compliance certificate for evidence.