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Bring the Family to the Cleveland Flea!


It’s taken me far too long to write about my love for the Cleveland Flea.  If you have not attended one yet you simply shouldn’t wait any longer.  There literally is something for every individual there from singles and groups looking for a social afternoon out, to serious shoppers on the hunt for the perfect treasures, to entire families (you’ll see plenty of strollers and baby carriers there!) Yes, you can take the kids, and the dog (if he’s friendly), and just about whoever else you’d like and it will be an entertaining day for everyone.

It’s been called “Part urban treasure hunt, part culinary adventure, part maker center” and the event certainly lives up to that.  What began with 20 vendors has most recently moved to Tyler Village on Superior in Asia Town and now has well over 125+ vendors!  There is simply so much to do and see (and eat!) at the Cleveland Flea.

Cleveland Flea Vendors sell anything from some pretty amazing vintage finds that include higher end furniture and art, along with clothing and less expensive knick knacks, collectibles and trinkets.  You’ll find plenty of handmade artisans too selling jewelry, pottery, clothing, accessories, candles and cosmetic products and some rather unique items that range anywhere from $1-$400 or more, so there are also items for every budget and taste.  You can even shop out of mobile boutiques like the Wandering Wardrobe.


20140614_090355 (Pictured above Terra Verde Handmade and Valerie Tyler Jewelry)

There are plenty of little touches that make these events extra special too like live music, changing rooms for vintage clothing, places to sit and chill, or eat and drink. This past Flea also featured a pop up pinball arcade and there was even a visit from Genevieve Gorder!  (Yes, THAT Genevieve from HGTV!!! **starstruck**) There’s lots of Cleveland love going around too, so it’s  a perfect place to find a tee, poster or piece of jewelry to proclaim your love for the city.

cleveland ringsRings from Valerie Tyler Designs

The handcrafted sculptures from The Republic of Cute are a perfect example of how unique some of the art you can find is.  Made by Karly West you might find anything from a pink narwhal to a french bulldog. While kids all over the city are probably beginning growing collections, she also make cake toppers too and her pieces are so quirky they’d be perfect to brighten up the office desk.


There are rows of food trucks and booths with delicious treats like popsicles, macaroons, ice cream, coffee, doughtnuts, pierogies, burritos and so many other tasty treats.   My personal favorite treat is Mason’s Creamery (top 2 pictures below) partially because they are simply so darn friendly, and also because they make some super tasty ice cream with really imaginative flavors! Kids will also love the ever popular donut lab (not pictured) since they can actually watch the donuts be made through a little window right before their very eyes.  This past Flea I discovered a new love when we tried pierogies from the Pierogi Lady for lunch. Chorizo and pulled pork pierogies….yes please!! The food trucks and vendors have long lines all day though and often sell out before the day is over so you want to get there early.


This past Flea even had a return of boozy snowcones, so while the little tikes could have their popsicles, the grown-up kids could have a treat too.


The Cleveland Flea is held the Second Saturday of the month.  In addition they host a sister event known as the Sunday Market at Hingetown on the 3rd Sunday of the month, which has a Parisian Market theme.

**In the interest of full disclosure I should mention I am often a vendor myself at the Flea, but even if I wasn’t I would completely still love this event!

  • Kristen Kelly says:

    We LOVE The Flea! I was so bummed to be out of town and miss it this weekend. Looks like another great time!

    August 11, 2014 at 4:18 pm
    • Valerie says:

      I’m hoping to be at the one in September. Come say hi if you manage to attend the next one! :)

      August 11, 2014 at 4:20 pm
  • llmg1960 says:

    I absolutely love Flea Marketing. You can find so many different and unique items. It is a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy.

    September 9, 2014 at 3:52 am

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